Shinkagakusha (shinkagakusha) wrote,

County Fair Day Three

I had yesterday off, so I went and ate delicious food, drank some beers and hung out with my girlfriend. Today I worked at the fair again. The weather was nicer, so I got a little sun today. One of our reps from our chemical company was also there today, so I had someone to talk to to help the time pass. We traded spa/chemical horror stories. People are really amazing, given the anecdotal evidence. Also, a woman rolled up with her husband asking about tubs, just chilling breastfeeding her baby right there, boob hanging out. I couldn't even do it; I had to excuse myself. Maybe it's a sales tactic: "Honey, we're off to look at new cars, get ready to whip your tit out!" C'mon.
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By the way, don't buy any beer for me. Please!

I just got back from a BBQ where I arrived with a 24 pack of Fat Tire but came home with twice that. What a return on investment! A friend gave me 6x six packs of Boont Amber Ale. Plus other people wouldn't let me leave without taking a bunch of Gordon Biersch Marzen and some Negro Modello.

So I've got at least 50 beers just sitting in my living room right now. Man, that's a lot of beer for one guy. I'll probably give some away at work, and I'll definitely bring a bunch of it up with me, because I'm really going to need some help drinking it all. I doubt I'll be hearing any complaints from you about that.


August 18 2008, 16:40:07 UTC 9 years ago

You got a problem with breastfeeding? How did you eat when you were a baby?! Dont be scared of the tit - its not as dirty as you think.