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I had to check to see if Battlestar was one word or two... I apologize

I worked 13 hours today so I was a little tuckered out when I got home tonight. At least the sun was still up. It'd be depressing to leave at night and get home in the dark too. I crashed out for a bit and then was woken up by one of my buddies telling me he got engaged over the weekend. Awesome! What's up with all you responsible people getting married? Oh, wait... Well, I'll be the perennial "wacky uncle" then.

Seeing The Incredible Hulk made me all nostalgic for Bill Bixby, so I checked out the pilot for another of his old TV shows, The Magician. When I was a kid we lived way out in the boonies so we never had cable but we did have satellite, so I had the Sci-Fi Channel from back in the day, back when they didn't have any programming yet and would just air that footage from the probe that flew over Venus or Mars with a bunch of color effects. Pretty cool, actually. Then they actually started airing shows, mostly stuff they could buy the rights to cheaply, like the old Battlestar Galactica and V: The Series. Oh, and Kolchak The Night Stalker!!! That's a whole other post. But they also ran The Magician and I loved it as a kid. Bill Bixby fucking people up with razor sharp playing cards and driving a sweet car? Hells yeah! Also, it's inspired by The Count of Monte Cristo. Here's the opening from the pilot and then the regular opening:
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I have the Kolchak DVD box set. That show is really awesome. Love it.