Shinkagakusha (shinkagakusha) wrote,

County Fair Day One

The fair opened today. It'll run for 9 more days. Things are going well so far. The cannonballeer this year is the patriarch of a family of human cannonballs. He's _66_!!! Awesome. The booth next to us is selling "Perfect Water." You can Google that shit, but suffice to say snake-oil, yo, snake-oil. As a chemist, that shit OFFENDS ME. "Microstructured water?" "Remineralization?" FUCK YOU. I hope you die in a fire. On the other hand, it was very slow today and they had four people there working, err... wasting their time. Upon Googling, it looks like this some of the ol' pyramid scheme/MLM bullshit. This will make my days even better as I contemplate their pending fiscal and emotional destruction.

Last words, courtesy of Penn & Teller: "Bottled water? BULLSHIT!"
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